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A Visit to Indefinite Arts

Today a couple of the Artistic Expressions board members paid a visit to Indefinite Arts and met up with some of our talented artists. I've gotta say -- what a space! It's the second time I've visited their site, and I am very impressed by the community they've created. Tables are laid out all over the floor, under big wooden beams and skylights letting natural light in. Instructors are moving about, actively engaging with the program's participants. We saw textiles being woven, paintings, sculptures, and a three-dimensional deer head being carved out of foam. As a result of our visit we've added a couple photos of artists to the site, as well as some new artwork to the gallery. If you haven't gotten behind the cause that Indefinite Arts is driving (or our own!), I highly recommend it. Many of these programs present the only opportunity some of these artists will have to get out and meet up with other like-minded, creative people -- let alone the therapeutic value of creating art. It's truly worth seeing the amazing, bright, colourful building they get to create artwork in, meeting the artists, and supporting both causes.


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